Procrastination…the deadly enemy that eats you slowly. I have been practicing procrastination for a long time 😞. The battle between gratification monkey and rational decision maker is always dominated by the former bastard! (Referred to the TED Talk of Tim Urban). But wait, I have some thing amazing to discuss. While doing my online course of #amal academy I found the ultimate hammer to crush that monkey and get rid of procrastination.

Wait…Wait…Wait…I’m not gonna tell you that secret so early. Before I proceed, let me confess that I have been a very good procrastinator for a long time like some you guys, reading my blog. I am the one who used to submit the assignments on 11:55 pm when 11:59pm was deadline.

I am the one who used to start working on a task on last hour. Sometimes I found my self a part of following cycle.

But seriously speaking, procrastination is a slow poison. You destroy yourself while “chilling”. So, let me tell you the ways to kill procrastination.

Killing Procrastination with a Pomodoro:

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. (via Wikipedia). Simply speaking it is a method in which you fight against your lethargic behavior by assigning yourself a task to be completed in a specific time. You set up a target for yourself and set the timer (approximately 25 min)on your mobile or stopwatch or something else. You try to accomplish the task in the set time and you avoid any distraction during that time. After that you take a short break of 3–5 min and then again repeat the same task. This is picturized in the following picture:

I practiced this technique and find it very fruitful in fighting against that devil ‘Procrastination’. I simply did it in 4 steps.

1. Assign yourself a task:

I was assigned a group task a few days ago in which I had to do some research based work on effect of pH on enzymatic action during production of Biofuels. This task was pending for many days and I was prolonging it because no specific deadline was given by the instructor. I decided to do that work by practicing pomodoro technique.

2. Set the timer and start the hustle:

I set a timer for myself of 25 minutes and started working straightaway by thinking that I will complete the task up to this specific point. After 25 mins, the timer rang and I had completed 90% of the task which I assigned to myself. I was feeling a mental relief after doing this.

3. Repeat after taking a break:

I took a short break of 5–6 minutes and relaxed myself. Then I set a new target and repeated the same technique. I repeated this cycle for 4 times and half of my report was done. :-)

What I gained/learnt…?

After accomplishing my task I had a mental relief. I was something like as a feather in the air. My useful time was saved and invested in a very productive activity. I faced some distractions such as beep of WhatsApp notification on my mobile but whenever I faced this thing, I watched the timer running and it motivated me to work.

So, what I learnt is that if you set a target for yourself to be completed in a specific time, you become cautious and you try to complete your work in time. A sense of responsibility arouses in you and you work more efficiently.

I found this technique so fruitful that I plan to practice it in future whenever procrastination tries to overcome my mind.


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